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As a CIC Community Interest Company our main purpose is to promote, encourage, and make social change. Generate opportunities that meet the basic needs of a charities project.


During our work with various charities, we noticed the organisers provided great services for the community and spent most of their time implementing the events but not receiving the recognition they deserved. The reason we found was that they did not have the time or know how to promote themselves on social media and locally.

Talking to local businesses big and small in many areas with regards to supporting local community groups we found that most where not aware of which local communities existed and what they did but did wish to support them in some way either through funding or joint events to promote their good work.

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It was for the above reasons we decided to set up our organisation. Having experience within the charity sector as well as the retail sector we felt we know exactly what both parties required to come together.

The benefits of the service we provide for charities can help increase their awareness locally as well as nationally., as well as increase their funding, volunteers and local sponsorship.

Benefits to businesses will help the larger organisations meet their (CSR) corporate social responsibility where it is really needed. Where small local businesses support gives them a higher standing within the community and help promote these community groups existence amongst their customers.

Our other service is providing IT solutions for food banks and community groups as well as a database of various community services for service providers users.

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