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Community centres

Promoting community centres requires a strategic and creative approach to engage local residents and showcase the value these centres bring to the community. By conducting thorough market research and understanding the target audience's needs, we can develop innovative marketing campaigns that highlight the diverse range of activities, events, and resources available at the community centres.

If you would like help to promote your community centre please get in touch

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Community centres
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cost of living

Our 'Cost of living crisis' project in partnership with Himmah is dedicated to providing essential support to individuals and families facing the challenges of the cost of living crisis. By providing comprehensive information, easy access to services, and expert advice, we empower our community to take advantage of the resources available to them.

Cost of living

community engagement learning

This is a project we are working closely with NTU to provide suitable volunteers for various community organisations for the next semester providing many skills from data collection, surveys, events and project planning, social media....


referral system

For some time now we have been helping Intelicle design and implement their referral system for food banks and their new hot meal referral system

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