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Our Services

We offer various services to help charitable organisations increase their awarness to the public of the great work they do.

Social media and website analysis

One of the most successful ways to engage with your target audience is through strong, effective social media accounts. You may send them promotions, business information, and, most importantly, build relationships that will increase brand loyalty.

But how can you tell if your social media profiles are generating interest? A social media marketing analysis is the greatest approach to find out.

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Social Media and Website Analysis
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Website and artwork design

Graphic design is more than simply aesthetics; it's a way for your company to communicate with its customers. Graphics are used by businesses at every stage of the marketing funnel to inform, engage, and eventually persuade potential customers to buy or take a desired action.

Website and Artwork Design

Organising charity events and projects

A charity event has two purposes: it raises money and raises awareness for a specific cause. People are naturally generous and willing to donate to your organisation in order to make a difference.

How you promote your community engagement project can dramatically increase your reach and engagement rate, but where do you start?

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Organsing Charity Events and Projects
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Funding search

Charity organisations must constantly seek out new funding sources in order to expand and prosper. When it comes to charity fundraising, each group has its own strategy.

Today, technology is playing an increasingly important role in fundraising, with more people donating via mobile devices and social media fundraisers. Crowdfunding has also become a major source of online charitable funding.

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